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Landscape Vlog

Acadia National Park,

Bar Harbor, ME

Photo: Spencer Mendell & Paul Friedman

Video: Spencer Mendell

In a second annual kick-off to Milky Way "season," we returned to Bar Harbor to spend a full night under the stars shooting in Acadia National Park. We motivated at 11pm to pack up and leave the house, driving for several hours and arriving at 1:30am. Our senses were delighted, the smell of the ocean, the sounds of the gentle waves washing over the rocks of Boulder Beach, and of course the sights of endless stars twinkling brighter than you'd believe! It's an amazing experience spending a full night photographing the stars and though it always messes up our sleep schedule for days to follow, it's worth it every time!

Image from Acadia National Park 4.2.19

Odiorne Point State Park, Portsmouth, NH

Photo: Spencer Mendell

Video: Paul Friedman

After a quick trip to Newburyport, we stopped by Paul's old stomping grounds in New Hampshire and thought we might be able to create a few landscape photos. Odiorne Point State Park is just outside of Portsmouth New Hampshire. This is a popular destination in the summer months but it was quiet during our visit in January. Walking around the park, not feeling very optimistic about sunset I was trying to find a simple, maybe black and white, scene. But as I continued to shoot the clouds started to catch the last bit of light as it lit up in a firey blaze. What a spectacular evening to be on the coast and super excited about these images. Please leave questions or comments below.

Image from OdiornePoint 1.28.19

Potts Point, Harpswell, ME

Photo: Paul Friedman

Video: Paul Friedman

On the 26th day of January, Paul returned to Potts Point to get a photo of this engine block that he found a couple weeks before. Intrigued by its color, texture, and story, this was a beautiful foreground. After a couple of attempts Paul was able to capture a beautiful sunset that complimented this rusty piece of Maine history so well. Watch Paul as he explains the process and the aftermath of this photo.

Image from Potts's Point 1.25.19