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Regardless of company size or industry, Maine Mountain Media has proven success working with each client to visualize the brand story and create compelling visual content. Take a look at our featured work below.


Short Documentary

This is a film about the battle to retain biodiversity in our plant species while we weather the changing climate. While many plants we are familiar with will die off in the coming decades, what will replace them? If we aren't careful, invasive plant species will use this transition period to take over the forests. Our hero, Amanda Devine, is fighting hard to help combat this invasion and to help educate others so we can all work together to protect our ecosystem.

Amelia Stokes 2023 Highlight Reel

Athlete Profile

We had the opportunity and privilege to follow an excellent high school athlete during her ski season as a senior in High School. Amelia's skill is immediately visible on hill and seeing her both on and off the race course throughout her senior year was really inspiring. We did create a longer-form video for her with interviews from her coach and her parents but this is a shorter highlight reel that showcases some of her best turns during the 2022-23 season. 


Long-form Advertisement

One of the hardest-working groups of individuals you will find anywhere. These men and women battle sub-zero temperatures, howling winds, and 12-hour shifts to bring you some of the best quality snow in the industry. The snowmaking team at Saddleback is one of a kind. This is their story.



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