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As Photographers in Maine, we simply love landscape photography. With such a beautiful state to serve as inspiration, we are always left in awe of this world's beauty. We are constantly in search of new and exciting ways to capture that beauty in a photo.

-Our passion for wedding photography has grown fast and nowadays we look forward to wedding season all year. Being part of such a special day in someone's life is a gift unto itself, and being trusted to capture that special day and all the moments along the way leaves us honored and humbled.

-Similar but different to wedding photography is portrait photography, and we enjoy this is so many ways. It is nice to get to know the people, and in contrast to wedding photography, it is lovely to be able to take our time setting up shots and traveling to unique locations.

-Fascinated by architecture, we truly enjoy creating real estate photography. Though we both gravitate towards photography of exteriors of homes, we're both beginning to take to interior design and what it takes to create a beautiful interior real estate photograph.

-Helping other businesses is both rewarding and fun. The relationships we've created over the years have left us with memories that will last a lifetime. Promotional photography and video is both fun and challenging, not to mention ever-changing so there is certainly never a dull moment when it comes to content creation.

This company was born out of passion for photography and we hope that shows in every image and video that we've ever created. We are constantly striving to improve, so keep up with our website and social media for daily updates. If you see something you either like or wish we had done differently, we absolutely love to hear from fans and our critics alike, so don't hesitate to reach out. If you're a photographer - professional, amateur or aspiring - we are always game to talk equipment and technique, or even simply share stories of that one time you took that photo in that place with the stuff and things.



Paul Friedman

Age: 33

Hometown: Stratham, NH

Education: Business/Economics Degree from University of Maine Farmington


First Digital Photo Camera: Canon PowerShot SD300 (That's right 4 mega pixels)

First Video Camera: Canon ES8400V Hi 8 Camcorder


Fun Facts: My favorite food is cheese, no doubt about that. I hate scary movies, and always enjoy a good comedy movie, or something that makes you think. I own every single Calvin & Hobbes book. I've driven a Subaru Outback for the past 10 years of my life, and just switched to the Forester. My drink is whiskey, neat. I enjoy long walks in a snowstorm and I have duel citizenship to both the United States and the United Kingdom.




Spencer Mendell

Age: 34

Hometown: Rochester, VT

Education: Outdoor Recreation Business Administration Degree from University of Maine Farmington


First Digital Photo Camera: HP Photosmart R725 (Living large with 6 mega pixels)

First Video Camera: Sony DCR-TRV300 Hi 8 Camcorder


Fun Facts: Besides photo and video, skiing is also a passion of mine. My Subaru Impreza  gets me where I'm going.  Just picked up disc golf. Also hate scary movies. I've traveled to Alaska, England, and Jamaica. I have a serious addiction to shoveling snow. 



Paul Friedman

1463 Main Road

Phippsburg, ME 04562

Tel: 207-200-4889

Spencer Mendell

Tel: 207-200-4889

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