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Our photography is embodied through many different forms, from landscapes to portraits but we love capturing it all.



Creating captivate imagery that tells a story and inspires. We are always striving for photography that showcases special experiences.


Capturing moments in nature, is and always has been, an important part of our learning experience. Photographing nature in all it's glory allows us to create freely and become inspired buy the beautiful world around us.

Rangeley Lake Island Fog Sunrise-1.jpg
77 Stevens-1.jpg

Real Estate

We know you have cherished your home and it has been such an important part of your life, so let us capture it in all its glory for the next person to enjoy it just like you did.


From sports to ceremonies, we love to capture events. Given our love of storytelling, we want to let you host your event and rest easy knowing we will be there to capture all the best moments.

Skijor Skowhegan-63.jpeg
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